Got game?

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Bant Bites
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For those of you out there looking for a challenge, i’ve got one. But one that comes with a warning. Make sure your computer is well secured to your desk, there’s a chance you may want to throw it through the nearest window. And if you suffer from alopecia, just stop reading now, or your kids will be calling you cueball sooner than you think .

QWOP….. Four simple letters that have taken over my life for the past couple of days. And if i don’t spread it to the rest of you, it will haunt me in my sleep. This thing is harder to finish than a hot meal is to the Olsen twins, and twice as sickening.

All you have to do is get what seems to be a little Puerto Rican man in a Baywatch one-piece as far down a running track as possible. Simple you say? Bollox. You’d get Mary Byrne into a tumble dryer easier! How and ever, I can’t say it’s not seriously addictive and slightly amusing.

So give it a go, and if you beat 8 meters, then you’ve probably just lost a week of your life.

Wanna know what you’re getting yourself into…. press play.

  1. Alison says:

    I’ll be practicing!!!

  2. Jim James Byrne says:

    to afraid to even try this game… judging by the video my monitor would last roughly a minute before i put my head through it 🙂

  3. Cimpi says:

    13.2 metres! Get in there!

  4. Zombiekilla says:

    i thought i was gettin -1 but it turned out i was just watching a video 😦

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