R.O.T.W 4

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Rack of the Week
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Cue motorboat sounds folks, it’s that time of the week again. Now We’re just gonna come out and say this…… We have found a good reason to watch Coronation Street. We shit you not. Two of them in fact. And Michelle Keegan has both. The saucy Stockport soap star who plays Tina McIntyre has nothing to fear on the frozen cobblestones of Weatherfield this winter, because as you can see, this model comes with twin airbags. And not only that, now we can all agree on a fantastic pair to come out of Manchester with out a single mention of  the poxy Neville brothers! Nuff said. But it musn’t be easy for a 23 year old carrying this 30DD Super-Rack around all day, so Radar, being the chivalrous gents that we are, would like to take this opportunity to extend two helping hands should she ever need assistance. However Michelle, we can’t promise that they won’t be left looking like a painter’s radio.

  1. Brilliant, why am I only finding this site now!? Legend

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