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What promised to be a night of pure entertainment, showcasing the world’s best MMA fighters at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, Michigan, certainly fulfilled its expectations.  BJ Penn’s emphatic first round KO to seal the trilogy victory over long time adversary and bitter rival Matt Hughes along with the superb grappling battle between Joe Lauzon and Australian top contender George Sotiropoulos that earned them each $80,000 for “Fight of the Night” were the stand-out highlights of an event that unfortunately finished the way in which it began….dubiously.

Tyson Griffin’s split decision loss to Nik Lentz in the opening fight of the evening’s card came as a shock to all in attendance as Griffin seemingly dominated affairs inside the Octagon. No one’s criticism of the verdict more damning than that of UFC Head-Honcho Dana White who went as far as to say Tyson Griffin “got fucked tonight, big time”, in the post fight press conference immediately following the event.

If this decision once again brought to light the irregularities and inconsistencies in the methods of fight-scoring in the UFC then the outcome of the main event of the evening will have die hard fans demanding an overhaul of the current system in usage.

In the headline fight, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida was looking to bounce back from surrendering the Light Heavyweight crown to now champion, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in May of this year, but standing in the Brazilian’s way was fellow top contender, and newly rejuvenated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson looking for his 5th win in six fights and eager to propel himself to the summit of the stacked division at 205 lbs.

After a cagey opening couple of rounds that could have gone either way, in truth, the fight was finely poised and hanging in the balance as the two former champions touched gloves to commence the third, and final round. Machida undoubtedly finishing the stronger of the pair as he gained multiple take downs and landed a number of well placed punches and kicks with a mid-round flurry that dazed the former PRIDE champion and left him clinging to survival as the clock counted down to bring the closely contested bout to its conclusion.

Despite potentially taking the first two rounds, Rampage cut the figure of a beaten man as he raised Lyoto’s arm aloft, seemingly resigned to defeat as they awaited the judges’ decision with bated breath. The split decision result announced in Jackson’s favour was met with a large chorus of jeers from the Detroit crowd who, believing as Rampage did, expected the Brazilian Karate master to be awarded the victory and thus improve his record to 17-1. .

With the American exclaiming ““Machida whupped my ass tonight” it was clear that he was as surprised as anyone with the verdict and immediately offered the chance of a rematch to the downcast “Dragon” who has now lost his last two inside the cage. Yet many fans who witnessed Machida’s five round victory over Mauricio Rua in October of last year will feel that it is nothing more than just desserts for the elusive counter-striker who miraculously gained the favour of the judging panel despite obviously falling short in at least three of the bouts five rounds against his fellow Brazilian

Although dubious, tonight’s decision victory for Quinton Jackson was a much fairer reflection of the fight than the result that allowed “The Dragon” to retain his world title. The powers that be in the UFC believed, and rightfully so, that Rua had been cheated and immediately scheduled the rematch in which justice was done and Shogun ensured the judges had no say when it came to the out come this time around, knocking Machida out in devastating fashion.

Immediately following the questionable decision of last night’s main event, the proposed rematch offered by Rampage was irrevocably quashed by Dana White who announced that there would be no rematch. He believes the judges made the correct decision and he scored the fight 29-28 for Rampage himself, stating these two are top of the food chain in the 205 lb division, insinuating that Quinton Jackson may now be in line for a title shot.

With many loyal UFC followers of the opinion that Machida was screwed out of the victory in Michigan last night, Jackson may find himself labelled the pariah for achieving the decision, and I for one, certainly hope this doesn’t happen. Rampage was class personified in the octagon following the result, and even despite the dubious nature of his victory he has now emerged victorious in five of his last six bouts in the UFC.

Make no mistake about it, Rampage is an MMA legend who has taken the scalps of fellow greats Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. He nows adds Machida to his bulging cv and it will be difficult to deny him a shot at Shogun’s title in a throw back to the days of PRIDE were both made their impressive names in destructive fashion.

On the flip side of that coin lies last night’s loser, Lyoto Machida. The last twelve months has seen a cataclysmic fall from grace for the former champion who now must go back to the drawing board and plot his next course of action. In a heavily populated division it is a short, slippery slope down the pecking order.

This ultimately could be the “Dragon’s” fate as his most likely opponent following this defeat will be the victor of the impending clash between emerging superstars Jon “Bones” Jones and Ryan “Darth” Bader. Two phenomenal young fighters ready to make their impact on the ufc radar, either of which would prove a very tricky proposition for Lyoto Machida.

Whoever may be next for these fighters remains to be seen, but last night’s results show once again that deficiencies are evident in the scoring systems and fights don’t always end the way they should. Naturally, there is an easy solution to be found for this problem and the answer lies in the hands and feet of the fighters themselves. …..


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The One we’ve all been waiting for, undoubtedly the sports top 2 competitors and headlining stars, with a staggering share of 19 World titles across 13 different weight classes between them, Floyd Mayweather Jnr vs Manny Pacquiao is the one bout that fight fans around the globe want to see.
The mere prospect of this encounter tantalizes the senses. A “Super Fight” that would irreversibly redefine the meaning of the term….. Envisage a combination of the electricity from the “Thrilla in Manilla”, the unbridled intensity of the Gatti – Ward trilogy and the technical depth of the “Rumble in the Jungle” and we maybe have an iota of what to expect from the resulting collision should these two behemoths of the boxing world lock horns.
A fight that was initially scheduled for March of this year, never made it to the ring amidst claims from “Pretty Boy’s” camp that his opponent was using a banned substance – allegations that Pacquiao and his team staunchly refuted. Pacman’s subsequent refusal to submit to Olympic standard drug testing within the 30-day window prior to fight night was the precursor to the cancellation of what should have been the most memorable night in the sport’s distinguished history.
Countless questions have been asked and eyebrow’s raised worldwide since Bob Arum announced the cancellation of the proposed bout early this year. A fight of this magnitude, would most certainly be the largest spectacle the sport has ever known and would undoubtedly draw the largest viewing audience in Boxing history. Two living legends, with the pedigree of Pacman and Pretty Boy should provide the answer to the question, once and for all, who is the world’s undisputed best boxer?
Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the proud holder of an unblemished, perfect professional record that currently stands at 41 – 0, with more than half of those victories coming by way of Knock-Out. Yet, for reasons largely unknown, critics tend to have a very short memory when it comes to just how sensational Mayweather Jnr is when at his fluid, fluent best inside the ring.
His ever-growing list of casualties continues to accumulate on his flawless record, includes impressive decision victories over the likes of such greats as Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez and more recently,”Sugar” Shane Mosley, not to mention the desecration of Ricky Hatton and destruction of the late, great Arturo Gatti back in 2005. The record he clings to so proudly is arguably the most impressive in the modern era and it is unsurprising that he has his reservations in risking his legacy by squaring off against the one man who’s record is even more impressive…. Manny Pacquiao.
Admittedly, Pacman’s slightly tarnished record is not as statistically astounding as that of his rival,and yet the Philippino fighting machine has a whopping 52 wins from 57 fights, 38 of which by way of Knock-Out. But what is most impressive is the Who’s Who of modern day greats that Pacquiao has overcome on his way to becoming the planet’s top fighter – “pound for pound”.
In a dazzling career to date, he has amassed a jaw-dropping resume with such stellar highlights as retiring Oscar De La Hoya, back-to-back victories over Marco Antonio Barrera and the unforgettably stunning trilogy of fights against the legendary Erik Morales (two of which Pacman won by way of KO). Contrary to the fighters own belief that he is slowing down, his most recent form has been nothing short of breathtaking. In the last three years alone we have seen Pacquiao gain dominating decision victories over Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito as well as being named fighter of the decade by the Boxing Writers Association of America and pocketing the” KO the Year” award for his brutal disposal of England’s Ricky Hatton in May of 2009.
Granted, there is very little to separate these two gladiators technically, yet on recent form one would have to favour the man from the Philippines ever so slightly. Mayweather’s inability to finish fights in recent times (Hatton aside) is a worrying factor that could prove detrimental to his chances as emerging victoriously from this fight, as Pacquiao would be a heavy favourite should the fight go the distance. We all have our own views on what the outcome of this clash of the titans will ultimately be and I for one, hope they are realised, before it’s too late.
Opinion…..Propaganda…..TrashTalk…….. they all count for nothing until the fight is signed, sealed and delivered to the deserving fans. We have waited long enough, and with rumours rife that GoldenBoy promotions and Bob Arum are ready to recommence negotiations we may soon have the answer we’ve all been waiting for……..