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HBO have done it again!! Another hit series from across the pond comes courtesy of two of comedy’s elite, Danny McBride (Pineapple Express) and the anchorman himself, Will Ferrell. With two seasons already under their belt, HBO have announced an agreement for the eagerly anticipated third , in the pipeline for 2011.

Eastbound & Down charts the hilarious fall from grace of former Major League Baseball pitcher Kenny Powers. The man who can throw it “faster than fuck”,exquisitely played by Danny McBride,  is forced to return to his hometown as a substitute P.E. teacher following a checkered career in the big time. But the glory days are over. Long gone are the cocaine fueled Hollywood parties and moments in the spotlight for our lead character, who is forced to snap back to reality after his fifteen minutes of fame. Kenny is a washed-up has been, and everyone knows it. Everyone that is, except Mr. Powers himself.

Season one follows Kenny as he tries to win back his childhood sweetheart, April (played by the smoldering Katy Mixon), all the while struggling to reignite his baseball career and recapture his super stardom. The only problem being that Kenny has lost it, on the field and off it. Our starring male is backed all the way by his new right hand man/ personal assistant/ general lacky, Stevie Janowski. To say Stevie is obsessed with Kenny would be the understatement of the century, following his idol like a love-sick puppy, always at his masters beckon call. The unlikely duo make for amazing entertainment and hilarity at every turn.

Our starring character is an in-your-face, speaks his mind egocentric sociopath who will undoubtedly have you crying with laughter. But he is certainly not alone in this crescendo of comedic brilliance,with side-splitting cameos from both Will Ferrell and The U.S. Office’s Craig Robinson (Darryl). McBride is supported by some of the finest names in comedy as Eastbound & Down makes you laugh-out-loud from start to finish. If you haven’t seen it already what are you waiting for?

Season two, now showing on FX, tracks Kenny down after he absconds to Mexico finding solace in the lower leagues of burrito town baseball. As, it’s still airing here in Ireland I don’t want to give too much away so see for yourself just what all the fuss is about. But be sure to check out season one in all its glory, available to view free online @

You will not be disappointed