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This week Radar salutes Sofia Vergara. The busty beaut and star of ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family has got to be proud of these natural grown Colombian chest cushions. And we would most certainly drop our grannys from a fatal height for five minutes of motorboat mania! And they say chivalry is dead?! So feast your eyes on these bad boys. You can thank us later.


While most men’s tactics in convincing a tasty pair of legs to open like Aladdin’s cave may vary from one another, there is a common ground on which we all stand around the clubs and pubs of  modern Ireland. And for the most part it makes perfect sense. Compliment her hair, ask loads of questions, always listen and the golden rule… pretend you care. Well here at RADAR, we like to view things differently. So here is the original man’s man, Captain Kirk with his sterling method of bedding a beaut’! Take it away Kirk….