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Get ready to vote people, we wanna know what you think is the coolest cut movie scene there is. Over the next couple of days we’ll put our favourites forward for your judgement, and after that we want you to decide which one gets the title. And don’t fret if you don’t see your own personal favourite on the list. Let yourself be heard and it will make the ballad box, if the people see it worthy. So to get the ball rolling, here’s my finest five.

This reminds me of a joke: Desperado (1995)
Filmed in the actual Corona Club in Acuna Mexico, This scene is one of my favourites from the Texan titan himself, Robert Rodriguez. It stars another of Hollywood’s highest rated directors, Quentin Tarantino as the “pick up guy”, Cheech Marin as the bar man, and two other gringos not worth a care. Upon having their credibility checked out by a seedy barman and his suspect friend on the phone, Quentin “pick up guy” Tarantino remembers a joke…..

Jedi Politics: Clerks (1994)
Directed by cult hero Kevin Smith, and starring Brian O’Halloran as Dante and Jeff Anderson as Randal, this scene, shot in the genuine Quick Stop that Kevin Smith himself worked in before this film sprung his name into Hollywood. It’s a debate on the political correctness of the destruction of the half finished death star by the “militant left-wing rebels” in George Lucas’ Return of the Jedi. Classic Kevin Smith dialogue at it’s very best.

Hip to be dead: American Psycho (2000)
From Christian Bale’s greatest performance to date, it’s next to impossible to choose just one scene! But for the combination of sinister humor and a funky soundtrack, the Paul Allen axe murder scene is my personal favourite. Orchestrated by Canadian born and not so known, Mary Harron, this silver screen classic allows Bale to delve into the superbly unstable and brilliantly homicidal mind of one of the greatest serial killers ever penned down, Patrick Bateman. And with that in mind, queue Huey Lewis & the news….

“You’re so fuckin’ money”: Swingers (1996)
Swingers is an essential piece of Hollywood history to anyone with any form of movie collection. It sums up the L.A “cocktail” scene of the early 90’s brilliantly. And it does so through the workings of two New Yorkers, Director Doug Liman and Writer/Actor Jon Favreau. The “money” scene is a clear fan’s favourite and the films most quoted. It’s one of Mike’s (Jon Favreau) only high points in the film. And the slick back and forth dialogue really puts you in the room. It’s believable, it’s real, it’s how we all want to sound…. “money baby”

Meet me in the lobby: The Matrix (1999)
The Wachowski Brothers action/sci-fi masterpiece was epic and groundbreaking on all fronts, but standing to the front has got to be the lobby scene with Keanu Reeves (Neo), Carie-Anne Moss (Trinity) and a whole host of unfortunate security guards. To say that Neo and Trinity merely walk in, wreck the place and make widows and orphans of enough people to occupy Limerick, you would be selling this scene brutally short. This bullet storm sequence is fluid from the start, the action is more like  a ballroom two-step than a military operation. With a dizzying use of still-cam shooting backed up by the heavy baseline from Propellerheads, your eyes are held steadfast to the screen. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Larry and Andy, I salute you.

Come back tomorrow to see the Disgruntled one’s five-a-side!


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The One we’ve all been waiting for, undoubtedly the sports top 2 competitors and headlining stars, with a staggering share of 19 World titles across 13 different weight classes between them, Floyd Mayweather Jnr vs Manny Pacquiao is the one bout that fight fans around the globe want to see.
The mere prospect of this encounter tantalizes the senses. A “Super Fight” that would irreversibly redefine the meaning of the term….. Envisage a combination of the electricity from the “Thrilla in Manilla”, the unbridled intensity of the Gatti – Ward trilogy and the technical depth of the “Rumble in the Jungle” and we maybe have an iota of what to expect from the resulting collision should these two behemoths of the boxing world lock horns.
A fight that was initially scheduled for March of this year, never made it to the ring amidst claims from “Pretty Boy’s” camp that his opponent was using a banned substance – allegations that Pacquiao and his team staunchly refuted. Pacman’s subsequent refusal to submit to Olympic standard drug testing within the 30-day window prior to fight night was the precursor to the cancellation of what should have been the most memorable night in the sport’s distinguished history.
Countless questions have been asked and eyebrow’s raised worldwide since Bob Arum announced the cancellation of the proposed bout early this year. A fight of this magnitude, would most certainly be the largest spectacle the sport has ever known and would undoubtedly draw the largest viewing audience in Boxing history. Two living legends, with the pedigree of Pacman and Pretty Boy should provide the answer to the question, once and for all, who is the world’s undisputed best boxer?
Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the proud holder of an unblemished, perfect professional record that currently stands at 41 – 0, with more than half of those victories coming by way of Knock-Out. Yet, for reasons largely unknown, critics tend to have a very short memory when it comes to just how sensational Mayweather Jnr is when at his fluid, fluent best inside the ring.
His ever-growing list of casualties continues to accumulate on his flawless record, includes impressive decision victories over the likes of such greats as Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez and more recently,”Sugar” Shane Mosley, not to mention the desecration of Ricky Hatton and destruction of the late, great Arturo Gatti back in 2005. The record he clings to so proudly is arguably the most impressive in the modern era and it is unsurprising that he has his reservations in risking his legacy by squaring off against the one man who’s record is even more impressive…. Manny Pacquiao.
Admittedly, Pacman’s slightly tarnished record is not as statistically astounding as that of his rival,and yet the Philippino fighting machine has a whopping 52 wins from 57 fights, 38 of which by way of Knock-Out. But what is most impressive is the Who’s Who of modern day greats that Pacquiao has overcome on his way to becoming the planet’s top fighter – “pound for pound”.
In a dazzling career to date, he has amassed a jaw-dropping resume with such stellar highlights as retiring Oscar De La Hoya, back-to-back victories over Marco Antonio Barrera and the unforgettably stunning trilogy of fights against the legendary Erik Morales (two of which Pacman won by way of KO). Contrary to the fighters own belief that he is slowing down, his most recent form has been nothing short of breathtaking. In the last three years alone we have seen Pacquiao gain dominating decision victories over Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito as well as being named fighter of the decade by the Boxing Writers Association of America and pocketing the” KO the Year” award for his brutal disposal of England’s Ricky Hatton in May of 2009.
Granted, there is very little to separate these two gladiators technically, yet on recent form one would have to favour the man from the Philippines ever so slightly. Mayweather’s inability to finish fights in recent times (Hatton aside) is a worrying factor that could prove detrimental to his chances as emerging victoriously from this fight, as Pacquiao would be a heavy favourite should the fight go the distance. We all have our own views on what the outcome of this clash of the titans will ultimately be and I for one, hope they are realised, before it’s too late.
Opinion…..Propaganda…..TrashTalk…….. they all count for nothing until the fight is signed, sealed and delivered to the deserving fans. We have waited long enough, and with rumours rife that GoldenBoy promotions and Bob Arum are ready to recommence negotiations we may soon have the answer we’ve all been waiting for……..