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Bored of the same old shoot ’em ups? Immune to defeat in Fifa? Gran Turismo 5 not fast enough? Then get your grubby mitts on a copy of Dead Rising 2. This Capcom classic has more craic than pete doherty’s bedside locker!

Set in Fortune city, a Las Vegas replica so far into a zombie pandemic that they’re used for sport. Step into the boots of Chuck Greene, ex motor cross champion and single father. To make things interesting, your daughter katey has been bitten by one of the 7,000 or so Margaret Thatcher look-a-likes roaming the city, and she’s in constant need of the drug “Zombrex” a sort of Calpol for potential brain munchers. Bless her. Oh and not to mention you’ve been framed for a massive terrorist attack on a stadium full of innocents.

But what’s new there? And better yet, who gives a flying fuck. This game ain’t about the missions, it ain’t about saving young Katey’s life, and it certainly ain’t about clearing Chuck’s good name. It’s about killing zombies. Dismembering them, maiming them, humiliating them, sticking them in wheelchairs and pushing them down stairs. Three words for this stress relieving laugh out loud must have….. Pure mindless banter.

This game genuinely packs the fun factor. Forget M16’s and AK’s, you can leave them at home with your Sponge Bob lunchbox. Chuck goes to work with an array of weapons that¬† Macgyver or B.A wouldn’t know how to use. Like a home made drill bucket. A harmless bucket made lethal with the addition of 3 hole boring Black and Deckers. Stick it on an undead’s head n watch the blood fly. And that’s just the tip of the hardware iceberg. The list is endless. Or at least very long.¬† How many games let you bomb around on a four year old’s bicycle dressed as Elvis with two chainsaws duct-taped to a kayak paddle? Case closed.

Still not convinced? See for yourself.